Dramtune Festival 2010

Our first Dramtune Music Celebration took place on the first of May 2010 at the former Norfolk Seaport Terminal in The Hague Holland, you can find some lovely pictures and a few dvd tracks on this website regarding that precious first Dramtune Event.
Our Dramtune Music Celebration 2010 has been recorded and resulted in a wonderful DVD with some 74 minutes of enchanting music and atmosphere, if you would like to order this Dramtune DVD just sent an email to info@dramtune.com

The following musicians took part in this first edition in 2010;

Ken Parsons (England); Celtic Harp and vocals
Vera Kertesz (Hungary); guitar

MATTHEW BERRIL AND FRIENDS ; musicians linked to the Royal Conservatory of The Hague

Matthew Berrill (County Galway Ireland): violin and guitar
Pedro Diaz (Canarian Islands): timple and guitar
Emmy Storms: violin
Reinhart Wilkens (Germany): percussion and guitar
Stefanos Sekeroglou (Greece): violin
Maartje de Boer: piano-accordion

The Band MEER ; wonderful Blues and more……

Mary Lichtveld-van Gaalen: vocals and lyrics
Peter Boer: guitar
Evert-Jan Mulder: drums
Henk Ogier: bass

OLCAN MASTERSON AND FRIENDS, traditional Irish music and dance

Victor Alexander (Killala County Mayo Ireland): accordion
Olcan Masterson (Westport County Mayo Ireland): whistles and flute
Rob Neijenhuis (Arnhem): violin, guitar and mandolin
Dancers of the Sean Kilkenny School of Irish Dance

SATTAR AL SAADI AND FRIENDS ; traditional Iraqi music and dance

Sattar al Saadi (Bagdad Iraq): Darabouka and Nai-flute
Ali Al Jadha: traditional Iraqi singer from Bagdad
Mohammed Al Bek: oriental keyboard
Selwin Fredrik: Tar (single headed oriental frame-drum)
Karin van der Knoop and Rhenee Haakman: oriental dance

RAGMOB ; Country, Americana and Western Swing

Remco Prins: guitar and vocals
Willem van der Helm: violin
Arie Spaans:bass and vocals
Klaus Kuiper: accordion
Wilco Spaans: guitar and backing vocals

TABERNA VINARIA, Italian traditional songs and dance tunes

Paolo Papini (Bolsena Italia): Galician pipes, whistles and bombarda
Stefano Belardi (Bolsena Italia): bouzouki and vocals
Paolo Lupattelli (Viterbo Italia): bass-guitar
Simone Possieri (Roma Italia) : drums and percussions