Massimo Giuntini

Massimo Giuntini joined our Dramtune Music Celebration 2011 on Uilleann Pipes and whistles, beside his wonderful solo-performance he also took part in the Traditional Irish part of the night where he was reunited with Olcan Masterson, the great whistle player from Westport Ireland, after 20 years…..

Together with Victor Alexander on accordion and Rob Neijenhuis on guitar and fiddle it turned out to be a great ‘Irish Session’ on the Dramtune stage, with Massimo Giuntini as special guest from Tuscany.
Massimo has been of great importance for the revival of traditional music in Italy in the last twenty years and still is a keyfigure for upcoming bands and musicians not only in traditional music.
Dramtune was honoured to welcome such a wonderful musician and person here in The Hague and we all hope to see him back as soon and as much as possible in the future.
Check his website for complete info and all the valuable stories and musiclinks: