PIZZICANTO plays traditional music from the South of Italy, involving dance-tunes and songs full of beauty, history and vibrant energy.
Their performances are a musical journey along the southern part of the Italian Peninsula.
This journey brings you to the Pizziche from de Puglia region, on to the Tarantelle from Calabria, the Moresche and Tammurriate from Campania, and at last the Serenate and Tarantelle from Sicily…..
Fiore Benigni is considered one of the most gifted accordionplayers in Italy, together with the lovely voice of Sara Marchesi, their wonderful fiddler Fabio Porroni and Caterina Gonfaloni who gives the right rhythm to the tunes on percussion, Pizzicanto stands for an old and rich musical tradition of the southern regions of Italy…….

-Fiore Benigni ; diatonic accordion
-Sara Marchesi ; vocals
-Caterina Gonfaloni ; trad. percussion
-Fabio Porroni: violin