Mary Lichtveld & Friends

Mary Lichtveld has become a remarkable voice in the dutch Blues scene over the past few years.
Since her childhood Mary learned songs and tunes from her father’s impressive music collection, slowly but surely Mary was introduced to the musical world of her daddy’s Heroes of that time.
It took a good few years and some turningpoints in life, before a real career in music knocked on her door… excellent singer, performer and songwriter was born……
After being the leadsinger for some years with her band MEER (with drummer Evert-Jan Mulder, Henk Ogier on bass and Peter Boer on guitar), she took off towards new musical dimensions and started to write more and more own songs in Dutch and in English, performing with a great number of established musicians in the Dutch Blues and Jazz scene like drummer Taco Gorter, guitarist and singer Frenk van Meeteren, saxophone player Boris van der Lek and pianist Karel Boehlee.

Her passion for music also brought her to Ireland where she discovered the magical energy of traditional music, she started to learn and sing some traditional Irish songs and gave these old and sacred verses a Blues energy that will be remembered for a long time by the Irish audience over there……

In and around The Hague, Roy Croes on guitar, Peter Wassenaar on contrabas and percussionist Antal Steixner are playing together with Mary during the smaller and more intimate gigs.
In 2013 she also joined the band LIGHTHEART and her music softly melted with the music of these Blues & Soul brothers:

Niko Christiansen: sax & vocals
Dean Curtis: bass & vocals
Joaquin Lorenzo: guitar & vocals
Marius Bos: accordion

Recorded live at the Dramtune Musicnight 2011 in The Hague with Roy Croes, percussionist Ferdinand van Duuren and special guest Philipp Bracht from Germany on trombone: