Tim Lorenz and Toto Heymann from Bochum-Germany, the two singers of their former band Accord on Bleu, started a new formation called DIE FREEDES, featuring a vibrant mix of Funky Soul music with an enchanting psychedelic twist….

DIE FREEDES from Bochum(D)
-Toto Heymann: piano & vocals
-Tim Lorenz: guitar & vocals
-Jotta Arango: bongo set
-Thumpah Lee: percussion & flute
-Timo Lichterfeld: guitar
-Robin Heimann: bass
-Tobi Reckford: drums
-Pippo Bracht: trombone & trumpet

More info about DIE FREEDES can be found on their Facebook page.

We leave some video’s and stories about Accord on Bleu on this website in honour of this great band and in honour of these lovely musicians and friends who will always be part of our Dramtune family whatever road they might take in the future…..


The wonderful music and the vibrant energy of the Funk & Soul band Accord on Bleu has not only been noticed in their own country Germany but also here in Holland.
Since their first tour in The Hague in 2010 Accord on Bleu has visited Holland on a regular basis, nobody who has seen and heard this band will be suprised if they will start to perform on prestigious platforms within a short matter of time.
In their own country they’ve already played on several significant stages and were reported on national television, inbetween their regular gigs and concerts, the young members of Accord on Bleu also perform music for theatres and several cultural projects.
These days for example they are involved in the music for Jungle Book, a project that opens new doors for them and for everyone who met Accord on Bleu……
Aged between 18 and 29, the musicians of this band certainly have a great future but they can also look back to a rich and divers musical background already, most of them played or still play in several other bands and in several other music-styles, something that makes their sound quiet unique with subtle hints of jazz, rock and classical influences…….without leaving their striking funky soul-energy…..

Before presenting the members of Accord on Bleu I would like to express our gratitude for having this amazing band on our next Dramtune Music Celebration on saturday september the 3th 2011 here in The Hague, we not only welcome great musicians but also great friends from the German Ruhr and Sauerland region….

Live video tracks recorded at the Dramtune Music Celebration 2011 in The Hague Holland:

Den’t the Wing

Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)


Duncan Fulton

Qué la bar reggae

Break Away

Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock)

I go like a shot

Rubber ball people



Jan Nikolas Dolle – Guitar

Moritz Meinschäfer – Drums/Slagwerk

Philipp Bracht – Trombone/Schuiftrompet

Marco Zügner – Alt-Saxophone

Lukas Plümpe – Bass

Tim Lorenz – Vocals

Jonathan Wittman – Trumpet

Christopher Heymann – Piano and Vocals

Jacob Meesker – Tenor Saxophone

Fonkey Dan – Percussions