The music of Taberna Vinaria brings us back in time with an original mix of old songs and old dancetunes combined with a vibrant and groovy folk-rock energy…..

Taberna Vinaria is composed by musicians who are very much aware of the powerful spirit of traditional music, the way they bring out old and sometimes forgotten songs and tunes is something that strikes every single audience, in the last few years Taberna Vinaria has become one of the most remakable bands in the italian folk-rock scene, last summer they were asked to play the final concert of the renowned Montelago Celtic Festival in Italy and their concert became a true highlight of that whole weekend.

Dramtune has had the honour to present this band a few times in recent years, their music has brought enchantment and medieval power to all of us here in The Hague and we all look forward to welcome them again in the future.
Their unique sound has strong roots in the past but the overall energy of Taberna Vinaria can be described as timeless, like a musical crossroad where the past and the present meet and dance together….. combining the sound of Galician Bagpipes with electric guitars, medieval trumpets, whistles, powerful drumming, traditional percussion and songs in old Italian dialects, Latin and even a beautiful Galician song…..

Beside playing with Taberna Vinaria and another great band called La Tresca, a few members of Taberna Vinaria started up a Music School in the town of Bolsena a few years ago, around the volcanic lake of Bolsena, in Alto-Lazio between Rome and Siena, an enchanting area where once the old Etruscians used to live, some 3.000 years ago…..
This Music School provides musiclessons in many different musical instruments and singing as well, students of all ages come to Bolsena every week from all over that area, learning to play their favourite instrument but they also pick up old tunes and songs, sometimes long forgotten but brought back by these gentlemen of Taberna Vinaria…
Thank to musicians like them the music of our european ancestors stays strong and alive….
Dramtune had the honour to bring this band to Ireland in february 2014, their music was very well received by every audience and by every single fellow musician they met….

Paolo Papini ; Pipes & Whistles

Stefano Belardi; Vocals & Bouzouki

Davide Ferretti ; Electric Guitar

Simone Possieri ; Drums and traditional Percussions

Ruggero Maoloni: Bass Guitar