During the I’M BINCK Festival 2014, the Dramtune foundation will present the JERO SESSIONS, some fine hours of beautiful music and italian delicacies in the old industrial setting of the Paperwarefactory JERO in The Hague’s industrial area called De Binckhorst.

The first Jero Session will start on saturday october 25 at 19.00 Hours at our neighbour’s building Spoelstra Autoschade: Komeetweg 5-7 with some lovely homemade soup and a variety of italian delicacies in collaboration with our neighbour http://www.spoelstra-autoschade.nl/contact.html and with DELICATEZZE D’ITALIA, a wholesaler of italian products in Voorburg: http://www.delicatezzeditalia.com

After the food, so around 20.15 hours, the italian musicgroup PIZZICANTO will play their beautiful south-italian music featuring the south-italian dancestyle performed by Isabella Ruggiero: http://www.danzeasud.nl/events/upcoming/
After this firts concert with italian music & dance we’ll have a little break with italian chocolate-figue cake, some truffle-cheese and sicilian grapes before enjoying the second concert performed by THE ALTERED DESTINY….thanks to this wonderful trio we’ll make a beautiful musical journey through the world of Jazz & Soul performed in their own unique style and with their own original compositions….http://thealtereddestiny.com

On sunday october 26 this same Jero Session will take place again but then we’ll start at 13.00 hours with the food at our neighbour’s building Spoelstra Autoschade: Komeetweg 5-7 and at 14.00 hours with the music in the Jero factory.

Caterina Gonfaloni: percussions
Sara Marchesi: vocals
Fabio Porroni: violin
Fiore Benigni: diatonic accordion

Andrew Apollos(USA): piano & vocals
Anthony Davis(USA): drums
Andor Horváth(Hungary): contrabas

THE JERO SESSIONS will be hosted by this 100 year old Paperwarefactory JERO in The Hague, a unique setting but with a very limited amount of available seats, because of the old and unremovable setting of this factory.

The tickets for each Jero Session including 2 concerts and italian food are 25 euro p.p.
Tickets are available via internet via these 2 links: for the saturdaynight october 25: https://thejerosessionsoctober252014.entranz.nl/ and for sundayafternoon october 26: thejerosessionsoctober262014.entranz.nl/, tickets are also available at the JERO Paperwarefactory and can be purchased during office hours.
-Adress: Papierwarenfabriek JERO:


-First Jero session: Saturday october 25 starting at 19H with the food.
-Second Jero session: Sunday october 26 starting at 13H with the food.

For info about all other events during this year’s I’M BINCK Festival, please check: http://imbinck.nl/programma/

Best regards, Alessandro Bruti on behalf of the Dramtune foundation