-SUNDAY MARCH 31: Casa Bruti Session featuring musicians from Brazil & Italy
-SAT MAY 11:Dramtune at De Waterkant
-FRIDAY JUNE 7:Breton Casa Bruti Sesion
-SAT JULY 13:Brian Duffy & Clare Sanders
-SUN JULY 21: Bresson & Veloz(Chile)

-SUNDAY MARCH 31 2019:

DRAMTUNE Proudly Presents:

A Casa Bruti Session featuring 2 exclusive concerts by 4 wonderful musicians from Brazil and Italy.
The Brazilian duo is composed by MARCELO ROSÁRIO on guitar & MORGANA MORENO on the flute, a beautiful journey through the rich and enchanting landscape of Brazilian traditional music, combined with Jazz and beautiful self-composed tunes.
The Italian duo will take us on a lovely Jazz journey thanks to DANIELE CAPPUCCI on the double bass and composer & piano virtuoso GIANLUCA DI IENNO, they will play some of their own Jazz compositions & improvisations but also music of their great heroes like Bill Evans and Scott La Faro.
Two concerts including Italian starters, pasta, coffee with Panforte and limoncello: 25 euro p.p.
Reservations can be made via info@dramtune.com

17.00H Everyone welcome
17.30H Antipasti
18.15H First music set
19.00H Brutiful Pasta
19.35H Second music set
20.15H Coffee break with Panforte
20.45H Third music set
21.15H Limoncello break
21.35H Final music set

Casa Bruti
Haarlemsestraat 20
2587 RA Scheveningen-The Hague NL

p.s. Casa Bruti has no PIN facility and Bus & Tram stops KURHAUS and CIRCUS THEATER are at just a few minutes walking distance…

-FRIDAY JUNE 7: Breton Casa Bruti Session

Dramtune proudly presents:

An exclusive Casa Bruti Session with two amazing musicians from Brittany in France: the Duo Jean-Michel Veillon- Yvon Riou, founded in 1993, the first flute & guitar duo dedicated to Breton music, played in innumerable Festoù-Noz(dance-evenings) in Brittany, but also in various concerts with a repertoire extending from Breton to Irish & Scottish traditional music and far beyond.
Jean-Michel Veillon & Yvon Riou have toured extensively in Ireland but also in Poland, Italy, England, the USA and Canada.
It’s a true pleasure & honour for the Dramtune foundation to welcome this enchanting duo in Casa Bruti and their beautiful music from Bretagne…
Concert including antipasti, brutiful spaghetti, coffee and panforte: 25 euro pp
Reservations via info@dramtune.com

17.30H All welcome
18.00H Antipasti on the table
18.45H Brutiful Pasta
19.30H First music set
20.30H Coffee & Panforte break
21.00H Second and last music set

Casa Bruti:
Haarlemsestraat 20
2587 RA Scheveningen-The Hague NL