New Chapter: CASA BRUTI

Since 2016, the Dramtune foundation has a wonderful and welcoming place where you can enjoy Whisky, Beer & Wine Tastings, italian products & delicacies, private dinners and also enchanting acoustic concerts also known as Casa Bruti Sessions.

This former hotel, bar and restaurant, surrounded by a lovely private terrace, is located in the heart of Scheveningen, The Hague’s coastal area on the Northsea shore.
Most Dramtune activities in Casa Bruti have a private character and quiet a few tastings, dinners or other gatherings will even be stricktly private for companies, families or friends who would like to be in Casa Bruti for an afternoon or evening.

The Dramtune foundation will also continue to organise and support music-events, festivals, private dinners, caterings and whisky-, Wine- and Beer-tastings in The Hague, other parts of Holland and abroad.

On the first and second floor of this cornerhouse on the Haarlemsestraat 20, Casa Bruti offers two very nice and awarded HOLIDAY APARTMENTS close to a all public transport in Scheveningen, an endless amount of shops and restaurants, an outstreched beachside and a huge coastal area with unspoiled dunes.

Casa Bruti is also the home of THEE MET KOEKJES, where children can enjoy Yoga and where a variety of interesting courses & workshops can be followed.

Best Regards, Alessandro Bruti

Dramtune foundation

Casa Bruti
Haarlemsestraat 20
2587 RA Scheveningen-The Hague

For more info please contact Alessandro Bruti via:

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