September 19: Dramtune on the Beach

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19 2015 starting at 18.30H: DRAMTUNE Whisky & Music night at Beachclub ZUID on The Hague’s Zuiderstrand.
Free entrance and our legendary Dramtune Whisky Tasting is optional and no reservations are needed, all other drinks and delicious food are available at Beachclub ZUID, for this Dramtune night they will even heat up their huge smoker and serve some delicious Scottish Salmon & orgenic farmed Porc meat, smoked on woodchips from old Whisky casks….
Around 18.30H we will start with the Dramtune Tasting involving a wide range of excellent single malt Whisky and some special Rum, Grappa, Armagnac and old dutch Gin….the whole line-up of these ‘Divine Spirits’ can be found on the Dramtune Facebook page.
The one and only DJ OME STEEF will spoil us with his lovely music and we can also enjoy the great music of the german band DIE FREEDES from Bochum, with their enchanting cheesy Surf Funk sound full of psychedelic hints of deepfried Soul….driven by an elastic bass groundation, busting beatbops and an embracing wave of guitar echoes, sprinkled by piano drops in a sea of soulful melodies….we have seen them at our previous Dramtune night at De Waterkant and we’re all very happy to see them again this time at Beachclub ZUID….
Beachclub ZUID can easily be reached from the dune-side of Duindorp, also by public transport with HTM Busline 22 and HTM Tramline 12


-Timo Lichterfeld on guitar

-Robin Heimann on bass

-Tobi Reckford on drums

-Jotta Arango on percussion

-Tim Lorenz on guitar & vocals

-Toto Heymann on piano & vocals

Special Guests:

-Aaron Luther on saxophone & clarinet

-Boris Babic on guitar